A.S.S. started as a moment of humor when a friend suggested I make "awesomely superior soaps." He wanted to say, "That's a sweet A.S.S. bar of soap." Although I informed him that my current soaps are awesomely superior, the joke became inspiration and a new line was born. I pondered what a sweet A.S.S. bar of soap would look like and only one vision stuck in my head. Yes, you guessed it, a soap shaped like a butt. With this thought more ideas came flooding into my head and I found myself laughing out loud and having a great deal of fun sharing them with family and friends. Now I would like to share them with you and I hope these soaps bring you as much joy and laughter as they have brought me.

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Inspired by an Ultimate Fighter, Kick contains a special blend of essential oils with the anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, energizing and soothing properties a physically active body needs.
2 ounces $1.50



Got Smart? You will with this bar. Smart contains rosemary and other essential oils good for sharp thinking.
2 ounces $1.50

What's next

What's next?

Stay tuned to see what the next A.S.S. will be.