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Blessed by an Ass

This is a repost of a story I wrote 2/5/2011.

Life never ceases to amaze me. The way things come about are truly miraculous sometimes and that is how it was with my new line, Awesomely Superior Soaps, better known as A.S.S.

For you to truly understand the blessing I will need to share a little background. I turned 49 years old and sadly, found myself in one of the most painful and devastating times of my life. Three of my 4 children were sufficiently grown although 2 were still semi-dependant and living with me. My fourth child was just in her teens and I was already in the middle of menopause and a mid-life crisis.

My father, being my last remaining parent, had passed away and I felt orphaned and alone. Although I lost my mother more than 15 years earlier, I don’t think I grieved for that loss sufficiently as I was in the throes of raising my children, one of whom was handicapped, born with spina bifida. Honestly, I was just too busy taking care of everyone else. Along with grieving for my parents my family and I struggled through the agonizing task of cleaning out our family home so it could be sold, a thought that devastated me. I had spent half my life in that house and to say I had trouble letting go is an understatement.

As if all that was not enough emotion and pain to deal with, my husband of 26 years announced he was divorcing me and I was now faced with losing my home and how I would support myself and my children. Jobs were hard enough to come by for people who had college degrees and experience in the workforce never mind a woman who had been home with her children for 25 years and only worked part time jobs, the latest as a lunch lady at the high school. I did have my small soap business, Scenter of the Mind, but sales were dismal in this economy and I doubted it could support me. I was heavily depressed and my future looked black.

I went about my days crying and praying. Although I am a spiritual person, though not in the traditional religion sense, I found my self questioning everything I believed in. Just when things looked their blackest, as happens in so many lives; the smallest most insignificant thing occurred and began to change my life.

My oldest daughter had come to visit me and brought along her boyfriend. Somehow the conversation had gotten around to my soaps and this young man says. “You should make awesomely superior soap.” I kind of brushed him off and kept talking about my current goals. I half listened as he and my daughter laughed and talked about his comment but my mind was so consumed with darkness and other thoughts. The conversation changed and I soon forgot all about the comment.

Well God, life, fate or whatever you want to call it doesn’t give up that easily and opportunity knocked again at my door. The next time they came to visit me this young man says again. “You should make awesomely superior soap.”

This time I forced a smile and said, “I already do.”

He then explains, “Awesomely Superior Soap or A.S.S. Then I can say ‘That’s a sweet ass bar of soap’.

I was mildly amused at the thought, pondered slightly what kind of soap that would be but again my mind drifted to other things and I didn’t really pay attention to the discussion about it. One thing happened this time though. The thought stuck in my head.

In the days to come I pondered what a sweet A.S.S. bar of soap would look like and only one vision came to mind. Yep, you guessed it, a soap shaped like a butt! I leisurely looked for molds and was surprised to find some.

With this picture in my head I started thinking about what scent I would make it, how I would package it, what I would call it and the many other aspects of creating a new line of soap. So there I was mowing the lawn and all of a sudden it hits me. Kick Ass. Since the young man who stuck this idea in my head happened to be an Ultimate Fighter I thought I would create a bar just for him. Then the scent blend came into my mind. I would use essential oils of tea tree for its disinfectant properties and eucalyptus and peppermint for sore muscles etc.

Soon I was laughing to myself as ideas came flooding into my head. I was picturing packaging and this soap shaped like a butt. Then I started taking it further than kick and I was thinking smart and sweet and it is amazing how many words go with ass. I was so excited I had to call my daughter and as I was telling her all my ideas I found myself laughing. Yes laughing. That was something I had not done in a long time and thought I would never do again. The most amazing thing is that I found myself doing it more and more.

There I was at the gym on the treadmill imagining having Kick at one of my craft shows and watching ladies sniff a bar like they always do with my soaps. The picture in my head was too much and I found myself laughing out loud. Then I realized I’m at the gym and I must look insane and it made me laugh even more.

Weeks came and went and I worked on my Awesomely Superior Soaps. It wasn’t all fun as I struggled with labels, pictures, and packaging but finally it all came together and I am ready to launch this new line. I’m still looking for a job, still in the middle of divorce; still do not know what my future holds but I am grateful for the laughter.

I am grateful that I have something to share with you and I hope these soaps give you a chuckle, a laugh, and some joy. More than anything I hope I can make a difference in people’s lives by providing quality natural products with a little laughter on the side.

PS. You can see the A.S.S. here


UPDATE: I no longer sell these soaps.

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