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Top 10 Things I Saw on My 15.34 Mile Bike Ride

Today I decided to go for a bike ride. I am not a regular at this activity but I wanted to see how far I could go. I decided to ride to the bike path that goes through Busse Forest … Continue reading

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A Soap Walks Into a Bar…

It amazes me how many messages we get a day, or maybe a better term is blessings, which we ignore. I have been struggling in certain areas of my life and the resulting stress has been effecting me in negative … Continue reading

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Jasmine – King of Flowers

Jasmine flowers bloom at night. How cool is that? Their rich, heady, strong floral fragrance saturates the night air making them perfect for creating a magical, romantic atmosphere. If you have never smelled these flowers you don’t know what you … Continue reading

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Soap Introductions – Herb Garden

My Herb Garden soap is quite possibly my favorite. Of course all my soaps are my favorite for different reasons but this bar is special to me because it is the first scent blend I ever created.   Way back, … Continue reading

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