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Frauds Exposed!

Do you use essential oils? Do you ever wonder if what you are buying is really a pure oil taken from the actual plant itself?

a bunch of lavender
Did you know that there are a lot of crooks in the industry that adulterate essential oils with synthetic fragrance chemicals or even sell synthetics as real essential oils?
I have been aware of this because I use pure essential oils in my soaps.
I make sure that I purchase them from trusted sources. I wouldn’t want to make an all natural soap and then poison it with harmful synthetic fragrances.
I realize though, that you may not be aware of these things so I wanted to bring them to your attention. I hate when people are cheated. So I wanted to tell you about this new foundation that was created to expose the frauds and I thought you would like to know about it.
It is called Essential Oil Analysis Foundation, a non-profit organization that will do GC/MS testing to bring accountability to the industry. The results will be made public so you can beware of the frauds out there.
You can learn more about them and view the companies they have already tested here.
You can also purchase my soaps here.

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