Garden Centerpieces

I was having a busy week with meetings and running my soap business when I got a call from my brother-in-law. He was throwing a 50th birthday party for my sister on Friday. It was to be at a restaurant and it just occurred to him that there would be no decoration there. He asked if I could get some balloons and put something together. Well I couldn’t refuse him so I said, “Sure.”

I had already volunteered to shop for the gift that would be from me and all my siblings and was agonizing over that because I had very few ideas. I had set aside the day before the party in which to do the shopping so I figured I would also use that time to “put together” some kind of decoration.

I had no idea what the room in the restaurant would be like but he told me there would be about 5 or 6 tables. I didn’t think I could hang banners or anything like that so I just focused on how to decorate the tables. I thought centerpieces with balloons. It would have to do.

My sister loves gardening and makes wonderful cement creations so I figured a gift card to a home improvement store where she shops a lot would be a nice gift for her plus I could also find something for her garden there. As I was looking over the selections in the garden section I saw some gardening gloves and that gave me an idea.

I thought it might be cute to fill a glove with something heavy to weigh it down and have it hold the balloon. So I purchased a cheap package of 3 pairs of gloves which would give me the 6 I needed for the tables. I also got her a cute solar-powered light and her gift card and headed home.

Now to make balloon holders. I chose pea gravel to weigh the gloves down because I happen to have a lot. I filled the glove and tied it shut.

After further thought, and seeing what it looked like, I thought just a hand sitting on the table holding a balloon was a little too creepy. It would look like “Thing” from the Adam’s Family TV show. I had to do more so I went to the dollar store and picked up some cute plant pots.

The rest of the things I used to make the centerpieces I had in my craft box.

Next I took some green foam and placed it into the pots.


I had some green raffia so I put that into the pot and left it sticking out a bit.


I tied the balloon string to the glove and placed it inside the pot.


Then I added some fake flowers and leaves. I bent the fingers of the gloves down over the balloon ribbon like they were holding it. Everyone liked them and they were just the right touch to make the party room look more festive. Plus my sister got 3 pairs of gardening gloves and 6 cute planters out of it making it another gift.

Garden Centerpiece


I shortened the string for this picture so you could see the balloon.


Voila! Let me know what you think?



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