I Got the First Look

Last Friday night I had the opportunity to attend one of the best fundraising events. It is called First Look for Charity. This is a black-tie event where the guests are the first to gaze upon the new automobiles being unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show, the largest in the country.

20160212_222047The best part about it though, is that it generates more than 2 million dollars for 18 Chicagoland charities, one of them being the Illinois Spina Bifida Assoc. Since it started in 1992 it has raised 42 million dollars.

I got to go as part of my job. Many of you just know me as the owner of Scenter of the Mind but I also work a part-time job as the Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director of the Illinois Spina Bifida Assoc.

First Look for Charity

I got involved with the ISBA about 20 years ago. My son Jeffrey, now 25, was born with spina bifida, one of the most common, permanently disabling birth defects. It is the failure of the spine to close during the first month of pregnancy. It is a very complicated condition requiring constant and super expensive medical attention. So my first contact with the ISBA was for financial help, which they so generously gave me twice. I cannot tell you how much that meant to me and the survival of my family.

In later years I used many of their services like Camp Ability and attended their events to connect with other families going through the same things as mine. They were such a blessing to me that I ended up volunteering as the Holiday Party Chairperson for 8 years. Unfortunately I had to leave that post but now just a couple of years later and I am back working with them.

So I put on my best dress and headed to the McCormick Place to set up and decorate the tables in our room where we greeted our most wonderful supporters. The majority of them are from the Windy City Corvette Club,  Bill Kay Chevrolet, and Brandenburg Industrial Service Co.

Room at the auto show.

working with Amy

Even though I had to work part of the evening I still got to go up to the auto show and enjoy live music, champagne, hors d’oeuvres, desserts and all the newest cars & trucks.

live band hors d'oeuvres desserts

I particularly loved this BMW so buy lots of soap. Ha ha ha!


This Mercedes wasn’t bad either.


My shoes clearly were not meant for all that walking so I was thrilled to run into a nice man handing out slippers.


Even with the blister on my toe I still had a wonderful time. So next year if we are still benefactors of this awesome event contact the ISBA for tickets and go. You get to have a classy evening and provide much-needed services for many deserving children and families. It’s a win win!



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