Jasmine – King of Flowers

Jasmine flowers bloom at night. How cool is that? Their rich, heady, strong floral fragrance saturates the night air making them perfect for creating a magical, romantic atmosphere. If you have never smelled these flowers you don’t know what you are missing. They are absolutely heavenly. I wish I could describe their exquisite aroma.

The jasmine plant is a shrub or vine that is native to tropical Asia, Africa and Australia. I have two plants that I absolutely love. They will not survive outside in the cold Illinois weather so I keep them in pots to bring indoors in the fall.

jasmine plant


Luckily for me one of my plants has become covered with blossoms. Last night I was outside watering my gardens and the fragrance followed me everywhere I went. Since the flowers bloom at night that is when their aroma is the strongest. Just one of these potent tiny little flowers, about the size of a dime, can fragrance a small room.

jasmine blossom


I would love to make a jasmine soap but the oil obtained from them, more accurately called an absolute, is way too expensive. Prices range from $1500 – $2500 per pound. These delicate flowers and their scent are destroyed by steam distillation which is how essential oils are normally obtained.

For jasmine, the flowers are picked at night and their aroma needs to be solvent extracted through a multi-step process or through enflourage. Plus it takes an extreme amount of blossoms to produce a relatively small amount of absolute.

The absolute, though expensive, is affordable in small quantities for aromatherapy though and is used as an aphrodisiac and antidepressant. It is also said to remove fear and promote self-confidence and optimism. You just can’t feel bad when you surround yourself with this aroma.

I do own some jasmine absolute but I much prefer enjoying the gorgeous scent of the real flowers while my plant is blooming. My son and I have been picking the flowers and placing them all around the house. It smells so good in here and I wish I could share it with you.

Jasmine Flower


You can find jasmine plants at nurseries or, I’m sure, online somewhere and I highly recommend you get yourself one. When it blooms and gifts you with that heavenly fragrance you will be so glad you did.

I’m just blowing bubbles.

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