Equipment you will need for All Natural Lotion Kit


The tools you will need to make your own lotion with the lotion kit are all very easy to find. Most can be found in the kitchen department of stores. You can also find them online at places like It will cost you a little but it is a good investment as you can use the tools for so many other things as well. Plus the money you will save making your own lotion will cover it for sure.


Any food scale will work as long as it measures in .1 (1/10) ounces but .10 (hundreths) would actually be better. It also needs to have a tare function. I found this one online for about $20 and it measures in .10 ounces and also in pounds, grams, & millileters.

Stick or Immersion Blender

These make quick work out of mixing your lotion. You can use a whisk but you may have to stir for a while. The blender mixes it in seconds. They are usually around $20 and since you are using food grade ingredients in your lotion you can always use the blender for soups or other things. Just make sure you clean it well.


I prefer the quick read type so you don’t have to wait for your reading. I also try to get one with a larger face so I can see the numbers and lines better. I’m old. These are usually $3-$5.

Mixing Bowls

I like Pyrex measuring pitchers because you can use it to melt the ingredients by placing it in a water bath. Plus they have a pouring spout which makes it easier to pour the lotion into the bottles.These usually range from $3-$7 depending on the size you want.


A funnel also helps when pouring lotion into bottles. These are super cheap $1-$3.