Meet Stumpy

When I moved into my new home I was anxious to start designing my yard. I worked with the landscape when planning the location of my gardens.

One of the features the previous owners left behind was a large tree stump. As I pondered what to do with it I got the idea to make it a planter. So with the help of my son, we started to hollow it out.

The best tool we had for the job was this boring drill bit.

Boring Drill Bit

Little by little my son drilled away at the insides of the stump until he got it cleaned out enough to hold some plants.

As I was very busy establishing my flower and vegetable gardens, among running my business and other things, I let him choose and plant the flowers for the stump. It turned out very nice and I really liked this feature of my new yard.

Well this year my son was very busy so I took on the job of choosing and planting the flowers in the stump. I also took on going through some boxes I still had not emptied from moving. They contained a lot of my garden decorations that I had not yet found a place for.

Among them was this cool “tree face” set I got from my sister. It used to hang on a willow tree in my old yard. As I didn’t want to put holes in any of my living trees I thought the stump would be the perfect place for it.


Since it had a face now I just had to give it a name and being the creative genius I am I decided to call it Stumpy.

Well what else would you call him?

I’m just blowing bubbles.


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