My Garden In Winter – An Attempt To Lift My Spirits

Whether you call it Seasonal Affective Disorder or just the winter blues, I have been pretty down in the dumps lately. I’m not a fan of winter but I do like the fact that the cold kills bugs and allows perennials to rest. However the shorter days, lack of sunlight, and cabin fever all have me a bit glum.

So today since the sun was shining, finally, I decided to go out in the garden and take some pictures. We just had some icy rain snow stuff and the sun glistening off the trees was very pretty and inviting. As usual, I felt better and happier once I was enjoying nature.

Here are some pictures I took.

My sweet autumn clematis


Creeping Thyme poking out of the snow.


What was left of my zinnias.

I like to leave all my annual flowers until the following spring so the winter birds and animals have seeds to eat. Speaking of animals, I like a dusting of snow so you can see who has been in the yard. While I’m not sure who’s tracks these are….


I am quite sure my raccoon friend is still around…


It was nice to see my wind chimes held up.


It seems that the strong winds we have had knocked down one of my chairs though.


My pond looks like it is smiling. Could be because I couldn’t tell where it was and fell in it. My frog is happy too.


This is a very limp and mushy honeysuckle bloom.


I can’t believe this yucca plant is still green. Weird.


The rest are pictures trying to capture the beauty of ice in the sunshine. I really like the way it formed itself on different plants.

Ice on rose bush branch.


I love these droplets.



The tree tops were spectacular but my camera couldn’t capture the twinkling and color of the light in the ice.




I hope this cheered you up a little like it did me. Gardens aren’t just for summer and give joy all year round. I’m grateful for mine.

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