Nature Therapy – Sunday In Pictures

On Sunday I wasn’t feeling so good. I was kind of depressed and tired and didn’t want to deal with anything. The week before was very stressful for me and I just wanted to recover by not doing anything.

I was sitting at my computer mindlessly playing some game on Facebook when I heard my son calling, “Mom.”

I reluctantly got up and went outside where he was. He needed my help re-potting a lemon tree that we bought for my sister-in-law for her birthday.

After I helped him, and since I was outside, I decided to check out my flower garden. That was when I spotted this guy…


butterfly on zinnia

butterfly on flower


He made me so happy and while I was trying to get pictures of him I noticed the brilliant colors on one of my sunflowers.


I immediately felt better and decided to get more nature therapy. The best place to do that is the nearest forest preserve. I brought my rollerblades with to get some exercise as well. There is a nice bike path that runs through the preserves and although I usually just roll through non stop, today I decided to take my camera with and take my time. It’s a “stop and smell the roses” kind of day.

One of the first things I saw was this egret looking for his lunch…

white egret

Then I saw this family out for a swim…

family of ducks

Busse Lake looked so peaceful and beautiful…

Busse Lake

This is the bridge that goes over the road. It’s uphill and hard to rollerblade over…


Panting after that hill I was glad to stop for a while to admire the elk. They are so big and this guy had a great rack…


I love the look of wood and this fallen tree is nature’s sculpture…

nature's sculpture

I really wanted to venture down this path but rollerblades don’t work so well in dirt. Maybe next time I will walk so I can follow this path to wherever it leads…

woodland path

“Anyone have a match?’, I thought as I went past…

pile of wood

Some flowers I happened upon…


and this crazy looking thing…

I was glad to see some new parts of the bike path and I hope they redo the rest of it.

newly paved

Nice to know how far I’ve come…

mile marker

I would have liked to be in on this crazy game of tic tac toe..LOL..

Tic Tac Toe

More pretty flowers…brown eyed daisy

yellow flower

Well I’m almost back to where I started but I feel so much better now after this session of Nature Therapy. Life is good and it is going on all around us. There is beauty to behold if we just look for it. We see what we focus on and today I saw a world of beauty.

my shadow

Thanks for letting me share with you.

I’m just blowing bubbles.

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