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Soap Introductions – Herb Garden

My Herb Garden soap is quite possibly my favorite. Of course all my soaps are my favorite for different reasons but this bar is special to me because it is the first scent blend I ever created.


Herb Garden All Natural Soap

Way back, over 10 years ago when I started Scenter of the Mind, other soap makers were successfully selling bars of synthetically fragranced honey and oatmeal or sex on the beach,  but I chose to stay all natural. I committed to using only pure natural essential oils to fragrance my soap.

Essential oils are highly concentrated extracts, usually steam distilled, from the flowers, leaves, bark, and roots of various plants. In the practice of aromatherapy they are considered to be the “soul” or “spirit” of the plant and possess qualities which directly produce chemical responses in the brain. For example, lavender is calming while peppermint is invigorating.

The problem with the oils though, because they are so concentrated, is that by themselves some of them don’t always have such a great aroma. Appreciating their fragrance is more of an acquired taste sort of thing. So I began to try making scent blends using several different oils. Herb Garden was my first successful blend. Immediately I loved its clean, airy, fresh, crisp fragrance. There was nothing else like it. It was totally unique.

So I added it to my mixture of moisturizing oils along with some ground sage and my Herb Garden soap was born. It is so refreshing with a hint of floral and the perfect bar to use when you want to experience being in an herb garden with a gentle mixture of scents washing over you on a light refreshing breeze.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Please feel free to let me know as I love feedback about my products.

I’m just blowing bubbles.

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