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Soap Introductions – Lemongrass

Ahh Lemongrass.

Let’s start with the bright scent of lemon. So “summery” and “sunshiny” it just warms you up with memories of the hot sun on your skin and a refreshing glass of lemonade quenching your thirst. What could be better than this?

Lemongrass Soap


My Lemongrass Soap because besides the Lemongrass essential oil, I add sweet almond & avocado oils which wash away the dryness of winter. The addition of the two oils makes the soap so moisturizing.



Especially the avocado oil, which has a large percentage of unsaponifiables (part of oil that does not turn into soap and is left in the bar to soak into your skin). It also contains high amounts of vitamins A, D & E along with proteins and amino acids.

Then there is the natural, vegetable glycerin which is a by-product of soap making. Glycerin is a humectant. It attracts moisture to itself. A big moisture magnet if you will. It is in every bar of soap I make. Some big soap companies remove this awesome stuff and sell it to cosmetic companies. Then, along with a list of other cheap chemicals, they add glycerin  made from petroleum. Eww.

That’s not how I roll. I make soaps with quality, natural ingredients, that your body can recognize.

And those ingredients all come together to make a delightful bar of Lemongrass Soap just for you. Pair it up with my Honey & Oatmeal bar and you can keep old man winter at bay.

I’m just blowing bubbles.

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