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Soap Introductions – Walk in the Woods

Seeing as it was just Father’s Day last Sunday I thought I would talk about my Walk in the Woods soap today. This bar was dedicated to my dad and you can read that story here.

Walk in the Woods


I was getting low on this variety so I decided to make some. This soap is made with my base of olive, coconut & palm. I also add sweet almond and avocado oils along with a very special blend of essential oils for fragrance.

The essential oil scent blend in this bar is what really makes it special to me. Oddly enough I created it to appeal to men and was surprised when the women totally loved it. I use fir needle and cedarwood, two great smells of the forest. They are balanced with a touch of patchouli which is a grounding earth scent and frankincense the aroma of the spirit realm. I added palmarosa to represent the flowers and voila you are walking in the woods.

To me there is something special, even magical about being in the forest. It is a whole different world inside there. It can be a forest preserve in the middle of a noisy, bustling suburb but in the woods it is a quiet, peaceful place where you can reconnect with nature and oneself.

Just being surrounded by the trees, symbols of strength, life, family, power and source, makes me feel safe and secure. They seem to hold the secrets of life the way they are rooted deep in the earth and stretch upwards towards the heavens and outwards protecting everything underneath. The forest flowers are beautiful and it is super special if I get to see a deer or other animal. It makes me feel part of the secret life that exists inside.

Every time I smell my Walk in the Woods soap I can close my eyes and focus on the feelings that the fragrance evokes and bring myself into that magical place where I feel alive and part of something much greater than me, the woods.

Luckily for me, since I just made a batch, I get to smell Walk in the Woods for 3-6 weeks while it is curing in the soap room.

You don’t have to envy me though because you can enjoy the magic of this soap too just by clicking here and getting some for yourself. I hope you like it as much as I do.

I’m just blowing bubbles.


UPDATE: I no longer carry this soap.

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