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When I moved into my new home last year it was late July and too late to start a garden. However, I did scope out the yard and found a spot where the grass wasn’t growing so well. There was an old tree stump there and a small “bald” spot of dirt and mud. I thought that would be a good place for the beginnings of a flower garden.

Fast forward to this spring. I was anxious to start my vegetable garden but I also wanted a place for flowers. Vegetables feed the body but flowers feed the spirit. So I began to dig out the grass around the small bald spot to create my flower garden.

The first thing to be planted was some old roses. I had taken baby off shoots and some roots from the rose bushes at my old house. The first one is a fabulously fragrant Damask rose called Trigintipetela.

Trigintipetela Rose

This rose is prized for its fragrance and used for the production of rose oil. I use it in my Rose Petal Face Mask although it will be at least a year until I can harvest them again. The bush only blooms once a year in early summer but when it does it is amazing.

The 2nd plant to go in the garden was another rosebush from my old house. This one is a Rugosa rose called Belle Poitevine. It also has a heavenly smell and blooms all through out the summer. The only problem is that the Japanese beetles also love it and sometimes get the flowers before I have a chance to enjoy them.

Belle Poitevine rose


Even though this is a flower garden I also had some asparagus roots from the old house that needed to be planted right away and since the flower garden was already dug I put those in too.



Little by little the garden began to take shape. I added some herbs because they are perennial plants that flower and I like fresh herbs. The aromas from them are wonderful as well. So in went some Thyme 




Chamomile which isn’t perennial here but tends to re-seed itself (I use the flowers to make my Chamomile soap and I put them in my Enchanted Dreams Bath Tea)…


and Rosemary which also isn’t perennial here but I will bring it inside during the winter.


While it was still spring I planted seeds for Sunflowers and giant State Fair Zinnias. They grew beautifully.


State Fair Zinnias

All during the summer I have been adding plants as I acquire them. Some of the flowers are annuals like these Alyssum, Petunias, and Impatiens that my son planted for me.

Alyssum, Petunias, Impatiens

Those were followed by Gaillardia also known as Blanket Flower…


a Honeysuckle Vine with hopes of attracting some humming birds and blocking the utility easement behind my yard…

Honeysuckle Vine

Heaven’s Gate Coreopsis which I absolutely love and hope re-seeds itself…

Heaven's Gate Coreopsis

and this pretty Poppy Mallow which is native to Missouri.

Poppy Mallow

Well that is about it except some Perennial Geraniums that I got from my sister-in-law’s garden, Dianthus, two different Clematis varieties and a Moon Flower. I also added some accent pieces like a really cool arbor my sister gave me as a house-warming present, a bird bath and this old metal thing in which I placed  wishing stones. I had my daughter paint them for me.

Wishing Stones

So here is the finished garden from a not so close up view…

Flower Garden

I haven’t fenced it in yet and am debating if I even want to. I kind of like it open. Next year I hope to add a small fountain and I plan to document how I make it so I can share that  with you too. I hope you enjoyed this tour of my flower garden because I feel that such beauty truly feeds your spirit and needs to be shared with others. So go over the pictures again and feast on these incredible gifts.

I’m just blowing bubbles.

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