Floss My What?

We all know by now that flossing between our teeth helps to clean away bacteria, protect our teeth and prevent gum disease. However there is another part of your body that you can floss. Photo from  It is your nerves. I learned of this technique while searching for a reason that my arms fall… Read More Floss My What?

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Lavender – Medicine and More

I love lavender and that is why I make 3 different lavender soaps. The scent of lavender is one of the most popular and recognized fragrances in the world. It comes from Lavandula Angustifolia,  an evergreen woody shrub that is native to the western Mediterranean, primarily the mountains in northern Spain. Today it is grown all over the… Read More Lavender – Medicine and More

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Home Spa – Foot Treatment

Thanks to these lovely Chicago winters, my feet have been super dry and itchy lately.  They’ve gotten so bad that I find myself waking up during the night scratching at them.  Simply using lotion hasn’t been helping, so I finally decided it was time to solve this little problem of mine.  One of my favorite (and one of… Read More Home Spa – Foot Treatment