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Lavender – Medicine and More

I love lavender and that is why I make 3 different lavender soaps. The scent of lavender is one of the most popular and recognized fragrances in the world. It comes from Lavandula Angustifolia,  an evergreen woody shrub that is native to the western Mediterranean, primarily the mountains in northern Spain. Today it is grown all over the… Read More Lavender – Medicine and More

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Soap Introductions – Lemongrass

Ahh Lemongrass. Let’s start with the bright scent of lemon. So “summery” and “sunshiny” it just warms you up with memories of the hot sun on your skin and a refreshing glass of lemonade quenching your thirst. What could be better than this?   My Lemongrass Soap because besides the Lemongrass essential oil, I add… Read More Soap Introductions – Lemongrass