By now we all know that exercising the body is a way to keep healthy and stay strong. We know that using our mind is also a form of exercise and helps keep it sharp and useful. Well there is another kind of exercise but it is for the spirit, to keep it healthy and strong. I call it thanksercise.

Thanksercise is merely the practice of being grateful. It is recognizing all you have and all that has been given to you to make you joyful. It is a most powerful exercise and perhaps the most important one you can do even though it is the simplest.

Your spirit is the very essence of you, your life, your existence. Without spirit you are an empty shell. You don’t need a complete body or mind to be you but without spirit you cease to exist.

That is why it is so important to feed and nurture it just as you would the body or brain. Thanksercising is a very good way to support your spirit and keep it healthy.

I have been practicing it everyday and it has made a huge difference in my life. I am one who is prone to look at the dark side of things and only see what I’m lacking. When I do this I feel so helpless and separated from my spirit. I get depressed, lonely and physically weak and tired.

When I thanksercise I am filled with light and love and an excitement that makes me feel alive and strong. I have noticed also that the more I do it, the benefits are longer lasting every time.

So how do I thanksercise? Well today I started with this beautiful tree outside my window.


I thought to myself, what a gift this is for me. It gives me joy and I know it was put here for that very reason. When you think that its beauty is simply a gift of joy for you, you automatically feel gratitude in your heart. You smile, your heart fills with light and love and  in this very moment you feel wonderful, special and loved.

The best part is what comes next. You want to share this with others cause it is so awesome. When you do that hopefully they will have a similar experience and they will want to share. Isn’t that cool?

Sometimes I get caught up in the world and looking at the tree might make me think how on earth will I be able to continue to afford this great home with this magnificent tree.  Sometimes I may think about all those who don’t have homes and feel powerless to help them. Here is where the effort and practice comes in.

When those thoughts occur I try to push them away again by focusing on the gift. The gift is today, this tree, this moment, and the giver.

Do you thanksercise? What do you have to be grateful for?

I’m just blowing bubbles.

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