Top 10 Things I Saw on My 15.34 Mile Bike Ride

Today I decided to go for a bike ride. I am not a regular at this activity but I wanted to see how far I could go. I decided to ride to the bike path that goes through Busse Forest Preserves because I like to be out in nature. I thought I would see how much of the path I could do, knowing I had to ride home too. Well I did it all! Woo Hoo!

So here are the top 10 things I saw on this bike ride:

10. Construction – really there was construction on the bike path. I guess you can’t get away from it anywhere.

Bike path construction sign


9. Some really cool kites – it is a great day for it with these gale force winds I was riding into. Bad picture but they were far away and my phone camera stinks. It was one of those really cool dragon-like ones.

8. Wild Raspberries – I almost stopped to snack cause I had not eaten yet today but I didn’t want to take the time.

7. All kinds of pretty flora – trees – wildflowers – weeds really cause they are the same plants I am pulling out of my gardens but somehow here in the woods they look prettier and belong.

6. A big bug – just before it hit me in the head..ouch.

5. A man playing the flute – I wanted to get a picture but I thought he might not like some random woman coming up to him taking his picture.

4. Birds – Goldfinches, a swallow that nearly took me out, a beautiful white heron and a red tail hawk that was flying by the kites.

3. The corner of Arlington Heights Rd. and Higgins – I got excited because there is that great bakery (Jarosch’s) there but then I remembered I didn’t have any money with me. Darn! I’m really hungry.

2. Elk – The elk of Elk Grove were out but most of them were just layin around probably enjoying the cooler weather.



Are you ready….

The number one thing I saw on my 15.34 mile bike ride…

1. My Kitchen door – yes I made it home to my kitchen door where the food is. I’m so hungry so I’m going to eat now. Then I’m going to shower and get ready to go out dancing tonight.

kitchen door

I’m just blowing bubbles.

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