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When I first started using my all natural soaps I was amazed at how great my skin felt. It was clean without being stripped of all it's moisture. There was no icky residue feeling either. It was just soft and silky. What was even better was how much the overall condition of my skin improved.

As a mother raising 4 kids my hands were always in water either washing dishes, hands or kids and that is hard on your skin. My hands would get red, rashy and hurt. I have always been a "no gloves" gardener too and the soil would dry out my hands something awful but after a few weeks of using my soap this didn't happen anymore. The condition of my skin improved.

In fact, my overall health improved as well. Partly because healthy skin is a barrier that protects your body from germs and other threats and also because I was no longer exposing my body or my family to harmful synthetic detergents, fragrances, colorants, and chemicals. 

I was so excited about how great this soap was that I wanted to share it with everyone. 



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