Empower EO Blend

Empower Essential Oil Blend

Empower was formulated to aid you in dealing with any emotionally painful experiences you may be going through. It is also useful for driving away the blues or  helping you focus on something you wish to manifest in your life. It is a powerful, undiluted blend of essential oils that can help heal your heart of pain and anger, give you strength and courage to keep going, lift your spirits, and calm your anxiety and fear. Put a few drops in your bath, a diffuser, or use with an aroma locket. This blend is pure essential oils and is very potent. Please do not apply directly on the skin without diluting in a bath or carrier oil such as almond or fractionated coconut. See list of ingredients below.

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Empower Essential Oil Blend

How it came together

I started with Bergamot oil, which gets its name from an Italian city that first sold it. It is pressed from the peel of a small fruit resembling an orange. In aromatherapy it is known as an aid in restoring self worth, something I certainly needed help with after my experience. It is also uplifting, comforting and assuring.


I also chose Orange oil, which is expressed or distilled from the peel of the fruit. It is known to be energizing, renewing, uplifting and an aid to dispel anxiety and fear. It also adds warmth and comfort.


Next up in this recovery blend is the revered Frankincense, well known as incense used in the Catholic Church, India and China. It was believed that the smoke would carry prayers to heaven. A small tree produces the resin that is then distilled to make the essential oil. Considered a spiritual oil, it can help you meditate, pray and get in touch with your higher power. Frankincense has constituents that help slow down and deepen your breath making it great for meditation. It is also antidepressant and known to enhance inner strength and confidence.


One of my favorites and a great calming, grounding, antidepressant and sedative oil is Patchouli. I chose it for these qualities to connect one to their roots and help provide a feeling of comfort, stability and strength. It is a thick oil distilled from the leaves of a perennial herb.


Lastly I added Ylang Ylang to the blend. This beautifully fragrant, floral oil is distilled from the flowers of a tall tropical tree. It can soothe, relieving stress, anxiety, fear and frustration so you can get through the emotions and heal.


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Empower Eo Blend
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