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Linda Faust owner of Scenter of the Mind

My name is Linda Faust and I am the owner of Scenter of the Mind. I started this company over 10 years ago, in 2001, however I am just now feeling that I am finally ready for it. It’s hard to explain but I feel that I needed to grow in many ways before all the pieces could fit into place.

I am recently divorced (2011) after 27 years of marriage and the mother of 4. My kids are mostly grown and I have been given an opportunity to redefine myself, i.e. start all over again.

There have been many changes in Scenter of the Mind over the years. The foundation beliefs it was built on, however,  will never change. I’m passionate about nature, I love making soap and I care about people.

Every bar of soap I sell replaces a manufactured one and prevents a chemical cocktail going into someone’s bloodstream and down the drain into our water supply and beyond.

I will never use bad ingredients to make my soaps pretty, smell stronger or longer, just to make them more saleable. They are simple and pure and will stay that way.

I believe that the earth takes care of us and provides us with everything we need to live joyful lives. Our relationship with nature is part of our total wellness. Using natural ingredients is a way to nurture that relationship. When you smell lavender in my bars it is from real lavender flowers.

I want people to have healthier choices and be aware of what they are putting on and into their body. I strive to provide as much information as possible.

If you would like to get to know me better please visit my Blog, Thoughts are like Bubbles, where you can read more about me. Please also feel free to stop in on my Scenter of the Mind Facebook page.

I am providing links to web sites that are very informative. Please visit the sites listed below to obtain information on:

The dangers of synthetic fragrance chemicals.

Aft – Health and Safety

Massachusetts Nurses Assoc.

My Health Maven

What’s in your cosmetics.
NotToo Pretty

What types of chemicals could be in your blood stream.
Environmental Working Group

A great video by EWG called
10 Americans

These issues and many more are what motivate me to create products using ingredients that are safe to humans and the environment. I aim to use ingredients and packaging that are natural, renewable resources, biodegradable and recyclable, whenever possible. My goal is to provide safer, more ethical choices for everyone.

About my soaps

All of my products are handmade, from start to finish, using carefully selected, quality ingredients. I do not use store bought kits, synthetic fragrances, colors, detergents or preservatives. My soaps and herbal products are honestly natural, unlike so many other commercial and even handmade soaps on the market. Many claim to be natural but are laden with detergents, synthetic fragrance chemicals, and colorants.

Although I use exceptional ingredients, my soaps are designed to be simple, pure, and for everyday use. They are not brightly colored, pretty shaped, heavily scented or made with the latest new exotic ingredient. I have spent long hours developing my recipes to yield an excellent, well cleaning, long lasting bar of soap.

They are also gentle and contain natural glycerin, a byproduct of the soaping process. Glycerin is a humectant which draws moisture to the skin. Be aware, glycerin is made by making soap, soap is not made from glycerin. All those clear, so called glycerin bars are not true soap and not made from glycerin.

I use natural essential oils to fragrance the soaps but also offer unscented varieties. There are many essential oils available and I carefully select individual oils or blends for beneficial aroma therapy and skin safety. Customer safety and satisfaction are very important to me.

How I got Started

When I first used an all natural soap I was amazed at how great my skin felt. It was clean without being stripped of all it’s moisture. There was no icky residue feeling either. It was just soft and silky. Right away I knew this was the only thing I wanted to use on my skin. So I studied how to make it and produced my first batch. It was amazing.

As a mother raising 4 kids my hands were always in water either washing dishes, hands or kids and that is hard on your skin. My hands would get red, rashy and hurt. I have always been a “no gloves” gardener too and the soil would dry out my hands something awful but after a few weeks of using my soap this didn’t happen anymore. The condition of my skin improved.

In fact, my overall health improved as well. Partly because healthy skin is a barrier that protects your body from germs and other threats and also because I was no longer exposing my body or my family to harmful synthetic detergents, fragrances, colorants, and chemicals. 

I was so excited about how great this soap was that I wanted to share it with everyone. 

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Linda, thanks for sharing your story. Nice meeting you. I love your business and how you make it is amazing. Handmade products are really inspiring because it is purely made with love.

  2. Greetings Linda,
    I Just received my combo pack #1 . I from Amazon, which lead me to ur web site. Actually the Cirtus/Ginger blend soap brought me hear, lots of information hear. I’ll definitely be a repeat customer, would you consider offering the (empower essential oil blend) on amazon.? (J.R.)

    1. Hi J.R.,
      Thank you for your kind words. I love the citrus ginger, it’s my current favorite.

      At this time I have no plans for selling the Empower blend on Amazon. I’m not sure what the rules and regs would be for that. You can always order it from my site though. It really is an awesome blend and not diluted with a carrier oil at all.

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