Bigfoot’s Hideout

Bigfoot's Hideout Natural Soap for Men

Bigfoot's Hideout lies deep within the north woods where the air is fragrant with Cedar & Pine. He leads a surprisingly sophisticated life and while he might eat the occasional trespassing human, he does so with culinary skill. Passersby might get a whiff of Ginger & Cinnamon wafting through the forest.

This handmade soap is perfect for a man who likes healthy, clean skin and a manly scent. Women also love this spicy, woody fragrance. Plus this bar is long lasting and a better value and soap than other popular sasquatch bar soaps.

You get 4 (3 - 4 oz) handmade bars of Bigfoot's Hideout that will fill you with excitement as their fragrance brings you into the secret realm of this solitary giant. Go there if you dare!

Makes a perfect gift for a man  who doesn't want to smell like flowers yet appreciates a handmade soap that leaves their skin clean and moisturized.

We've created the perfect blend of fir needle, cedarwood, cinnamon & ginger essential oils and put it in a long lasting, moisturizing, all natural soap. 

Handmade specially for men who don't want itchy dry skin.

Get your 4 bars  for only $24.49 with free shipping.


Ingredients: Olive oil, coconut oil, organic sustainable palm oil, sodium hydroxide solution, avocado oil, almond oil, essential oils of fir needle, cedarwood, cinnamon & ginger, spirulina.

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Bigfoot's Hideout
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