Floss My What?

We all know by now that flossing between our teeth helps to clean away bacteria, protect our teeth and prevent gum disease.

Dental Floss

However there is another part of your body that you can floss.

Nervous system

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It is your nerves.

I learned of this technique while searching for a reason that my arms fall asleep at night while I’m sleeping. It is very annoying and has been waking me up several times a night.

As expected most medical web sites were not any help with this problem. They listed very few possible causes for this condition and  then, of course, suggest you see your doctor and have all kinds of expensive tests.

Since that is not an option for me I kept looking and found some muscle-building forum posts from people experiencing the same thing as me. Since I work out and lift weights this seemed like a closer fit to my problem.

In reading some of the suggestions I saw the term “nerve flossing” which prompted me to do another search. That led me to a web site called Kinetic Health (

Well I never would have guessed it but apparently there is a nerve in your arm called the ulnar nerve and it can get compressed by the tissues surrounding it. This can cause pain or numbness in the neck, shoulder, elbow or arm. It can also cause “cyclist palsy” which is numbness in the ring & pinky fingers when holding on to the handlebars.

I was floored because I get that too when I ride my bike, although to me it feels like my whole hand.

So what do you do about it? Medicines? Surgery?

Nope, you floss the nerve. The Kinetic Health web site has videos on how to floss the ulnar nerve and other nerves as well like your sciatic. It turns out that flossing the nerve is just doing certain easy movements that gently free up the nerve and strengthen it.

Well I tried it and it worked. I didn’t get “sleepy” arms at all last night.

There is a bonus to all this as well. I also suffer from nerve pains in my left foot as a remnant of herniated disks and back surgery. It usually also strikes at night and nothing makes it go away but some hard-core pain meds like vicodin. I hate taking them because they cause me all sorts of other problems and are harmful to my body. Sometimes though I don’t have a choice because the pain is too great.

I watched the video on sciatic nerve flossing, since I know that nerve goes all the way into the leg and foot. I tried flossing it and it seemed to help the nerve pain in my foot a little bit. I’m not sure if it will make it go away completely but I’m going to keep doing it. I am hopeful it will.

So if you have back, neck, shoulder, elbow or headache pain maybe some nerve flossing is all you need. Hop on over to Kinetic Health and watch their videos. The exercises are pretty simple and free. Just more proof that our bodies can actually heal themselves.

I’m so happy with my new healing powers that I just had to share. I hope it helps someone else suffering needlessly.




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